After a breakup, what next?

After a breakup, what next? You might have had the worst or the "best" breakup, but most times the pain still lingers and pierces the same. Currently, I am going through the stage of what ...

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6 Reasons Why you are finding it hard to leave an unhealthy relationship.

"We have already been together for so long, I might as well stay." or "I have invested so much into this relationship, I can't let it fail."

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29. Happy Birth Day. Things I have learned.

29. Happy Birthday to me. Today, 11/7/2021, I am in day one of 29 years on this grand universe. The greatest teaching that got triggered on 10/7/2021 is that if there is a person ...

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There is no shame in Abuse

Children Survivors of Domestic Abuse

We sat almost in a circle, six women from different backgrounds, regions, and families. We felt like we belonged. Together, in each other, we found a purpose. We had a vision. We had a shared ...

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Karura Forest


Always go for solo dates and I cannot emphasize this enough. Plan a day in a week where you go for a solo date- it can be dinner, lunch, or breakfast, but make sure you ...

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She fits inside these words

WCW- Celine Njoki

Celine Njoki, a woman who made me resonate with the words written by R.H.Sin in his book, “She fits inside these words.” The first time Celine wrote to me her story privately on Bobodiaries, I ...

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