29. Happy Birth Day. Things I have learned.

29.  Happy Birthday to me. Today, 11/7/2021, I am in day one of 29 years on this grand universe. The greatest teaching that got triggered on 10/7/2021 is that if there is a person sleeping on me, is ME. 
Before 28, I never knew the potential that was dormant within my universal being. I thought of myself as unworthy, undeserving, and always thought knowing my worth was greed. 
Constantly, I downplayed myself. I shrunk myself in spaces that I was worthy of occupying. I always appreciated the bare minimum from those around me because that is what I was giving myself. Bare minimum was worthy enough for me. 

12 Things I have learned.

  1. I am worthy- Everything that I desire without causing harm to others, I am worthy of it. I am worthy of the love that I keep giving other people while denying myself. I am worthy of the greatest life that I can ever imagine. I am worthy of everything amazing in the Universe because the Universe works for my own good.
  2. I determine my worth- How you treat yourself, other people will treat you like that. If you treat yourself as a doormat, you will attract people who need a doormat. How people treat you is a reflection of how you treat yourself from the inside.
  3. There is enough to go around- The Universe is filled with unlimited resources. When you shrink yourself thinking that you are doing others a favour, you are doing a disservice to yourself. Why? You will always get what you ask and wonder why other people are living the life that you desire, yet, you never asked for that.
  4. I am living the life that I previously manifested- When I look around, I am living a life that I manifested in 2019. I am living a life that is inundated with wealth, great space, contentment, and experiencing myself profoundly.
  5. God wants me wealthy – Growing up, I saw people glorifying poverty in the name of God. However, creating that personal relationship with God, I have realized that every person mentioned in the Bible was freaking Wealthy. I mean Wealthy. Wealthy. So I figured, God hates poverty. Yes, I said it.
  6. I am loving having a relationship with God- At 28 years, I started being deep about my relationship with God, I have experienced God profoundly and in a way that no one would have expounded for me. Did you know, as the serpent was asking Eve about the tree of knowledge, Eve was with Adam? Adam is the only one who was instructed by God, but chose silence when the serpent asked? I know, right?
  7. I am healing my relationship with Money- Every block you have about money stems from how you view money. Did you know that? If rich people irk you and you keep on parading that Money is the root of all evil, look at how you live, high chances you are a frugal. Write a letter to money, and see whether you would love a person if they addressed you how you address money.
  8. There is nothing beautiful about poverty- Yes, I have said that. God want to experience themselves in a form that you can fulfil the desires of your heart. How do you do that? By having enough money to fulfil your desires. Yes, money cannot buy happiness, but neither can poverty. However, money can buy things that make you happy. For instance, going to the mountain and just appreciate nature.
  9. My mind is a powerful weapon- Through my thought process, I get to build a life that I deserve. As the man thinketh, so is he. Through the word, God created the universe. My mind gives birth to my words, which birth my life. The same energy used to think negatively, I can use it to create a fantastic life through positive thoughts.
  10. I am minding my business – This statement is profound. When you keep minding other people’s business, you leave your business unsecured. You expend so much energy on people’s businesses yet no one is handling yours. Minding your business is a full-time job, and trust me, it pays handsomely.
  11. The Universe is always working for you- The Universe does not benefit when you do not get your desires. The Universe is always working for you. Whatever you want, you just have to ask, and have sufficient faith to believe that you have it, for it to manifest.
  12. Journalling changes your life- When you journal, you spell words. The spelling of words works as a spell normally known for witchcraft. Therefore, journalling spells your life. Start journalling the life you want, while addressing the limitations you have, and you shall see tremendous changes.
About are the 12 things I have learned. I have 17 more lessons to go. Comment below whether you want to know more. You have the power to change your life. The life you are experiencing at the moment, you desired it. If you want to argue about this, address that limitation within you. The Universe always works for you. Also, there is nothing beautiful about poverty. God hates poverty, if you do not believe me, show me one poor person in the Bible who was used by God.  

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12 thoughts on “29. Happy Birth Day. Things I have learned.”

  1. You’ve reminded me of some practices I had stopped doing. Thank you for this inspiring reminder.
    Will love hearing more definitely…❤️

  2. We need to start a conversation about shrinking where we were supposed to shine unapologetically(esp women). But one day at a time,we will get there.❤️

    1. Thank you Bobo for reminding me always to stick to my lane and stop shrinking myself. Happy Birthday and may this year be a blessing to you

      I love you ❤️

  3. I love reading what you write and that’s true, you’ve spoken more about wealth and how God’s views it and just continue ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Happy Birthday Bobo,you really inspire me..
    I believe that God and the universe have to give me what belongs to me this month..I ask,I believe,I receive..Enjoy your day..

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