About Me

Among people, I am always a wallflower. In social places, I have anxiety and avoid the limelight because I am an introverted person. I prefer a corner where I can see and feel everyone. I am an observer and learn people through what they are not saying. In conversations, I listen to the words not said.

However, in the writing world, I am bold with big dick energy. Someone has referred me to the Queen of Wands, meaning I have a way with writing. Writing gives me the power to dominate people’s minds and write about the words that are always left unsaid.

Therefore, in writing, I have found a voice for every person who is invisible and unheard of. In writing, I gain the power to say what people consider as shameful and would rather keep in the shadows. In writing, I overcome the shadows and shrinkage through love and light. Writing makes the wallflower bloom and gains visibility.

I love myself, family, great food, and sitting in solitude. I have childlike nature such that I get excited- when it rains, when the rainbow appears, when I see cats (OMG, they make me go meaaaoow), when I see colors, when I watch sunset, and when I see the full moon. I am excited by water bodies, and often, I sleep to the rain noises.

My name is Bobo, welcome to my world where we read the unread and have a safe space. Welcome me to your houses since you are my audience. Let me see what you don’t allow others to see because out of the shadows, there lurks greatness.