"I almost quit coding"

I Almost Quit Coding!!!!

I almost quit coding!!!! Remember last week when I said about changing the tone of not understanding JavaScript?? So yes, that changed. I understood JavaScript or at least I can decipher some elements. However, this week we were bombarded with creating an independent project. Moringa Software Development Program (click to see more) is not a joke. After two weeks of online learning, we had to create ...


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Welcome to my Diary.

I said my goodbyes on Facebook last week. Why? You might be curious. I was accepted for a programming course in Moringa. The program will be running for six months meaning I am not resuming Facebook until December after graduation. How has the program been? Honestly, it has shaken me from my comfort zone and pushed me towards being focused and determined. Was it mandatory that I leave Facebook? ...


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Meet the Kenyan Activist- Njeri wa Migwi-Mwangi

Njeri wa Migwi-Mwangi- a feminist, femicide activist, and a voice for empowerment of the oppressed. Njeri has managed to fight for the oppressed without discrimination. To most people, she has been an embodiment of safe-space and a voice for the marginalized. Each waking day, she battles with providing a safe space for abused victims and ascertains their safety.


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Every day is Mother’s Day.

I am a little too late to the party, but they say, better late than never. I am the best at showing up late. However, being a better time-keeper was my resolution this year, but the universe did not think that was wise. COVID-19 just told me to project my desires probably next year because we are quarantined. What am I late for? Mother's Day. However, mine is different. My mother ...


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Yes, I have been gang raped three times

Each person has a story worth sharing. When I posted about a worthy story, I didn’t think I would get more than I had bargained. She inboxed me: “Hi Bobo I think I have an inspiring story” For the readers, buckle up: “I don't really remember my family being together, all I know is mum left when I was about four or five years. She left me and a brother who comes ...


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Inner child

Before I start about inner child, I want y’all to be doing something for me. Share my posts if they make sense to you. Share, comment, critic, and just indulge. Why? Because as creatives, we get motivated by such acts and our pages gain traffic because of that. I handle deep topics that most people are reluctant to address and sometimes, I need to see people are getting the message. ...


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