"I almost quit coding"

I Almost Quit Coding!!!!

I almost quit coding!!!! Remember last week when I said about changing the tone of not understanding JavaScript?? So yes, that changed. I understood JavaScript or at least I can decipher some elements. However, this week we were bombarded with creating an independent project. Moringa Software Development Program (click to see more) is not a joke. After two weeks of online learning, we had to create an independent project and I almost quit coding.

I chose creating a website (https://beatricewambuimbugua.github.io/TK-Auto-Solutions-/) check it out with a desktop. I have not perfected the fitting in all screens. It was challenging since we had five days to complete a project that on the start of July I had no an idea how websites are developed.

I almost Quit Coding
The behind the scene of the project (just a glimpse)

Did I almost quit coding? Yes. Fortunately that was not a choice I could make. I remembered all the people who are rooting for me. My partner has been extremely supportive as I undertake the course. Numerously, she has reminded me of how proud she is of me for undertaking something so bold with the ongoing pandemic. I remembered why I undertook the course. When I was interviewed and asked my reasons for choosing this course by Moringa , I recall that I stated it is because of all the women out here. For the women who follow me on Bobodiaries, for my child, for my family, for every little girl who has been told that technology is challenging.

Each day as I tackle the program, I recall that I have so much within me. I have gone through difficulties and I have conquered. In high school, I dropped out of Form 3 and came back in Form 4 just to revise so I can get my certificate. Staying out of school for the whole year and coming back to St. Mary’s Igoji to take your exam is not a walk in the path since it is a school of brilliance. I aced the exams and got a B enough to secure me a position in University. In university, I had to handle school then I got pregnant and had to handle both. I aced both motherhood and school.

Therefore, handling this program reminds me I have everything within me to become the best. I have done academic writing for five years since 2015 when I cleared school. However, I have never felt as excited and inspired compared to when I am doing this program. I am wise, better, and grounded. Each day I wake up looking forward to more learning and coding. Each day I recall my dream of being recognized in the professional industry for what I do.

I have to become the best in the tech sector especially in Africa. My name shall be spoken in the rooms full of opportunities as I pursue this program. Each mouth shall remember Bobo/Beatrice when opportunities arise in the tech industry. Every little girl will be inspired to walk this path of tech because we thrived.

Has it been easy? Honestly, I do not know how it would be if I didn’t have a supportive partner. She has been there constantly encouraging me and ascertaining that I am in a sane mind to do my project. My amazing domestic manager who has been everything we manifested in a DM. An amazing son who has been keeping me on toes. They have been my greatest support system during the program and I am so encouraged. Quitting coding is not an option.

How have you been? How was your week? Are you okay? What are your thoughts? Have you subscribed to the blog? If not, kindly subscribe to be notified whenever I make a post. What would you want I write about tomorrow?

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  1. No doubt you’ll ace this and much more coming your way. Stay winning. Thrive. Prosper. I’m proud of you.

  2. Ahahaha reminds me of the Akan names Independent Project, I was crying while doing it. You can do it!!

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