Is New Age Spirituality a Cult?

Hello September!!! Bye Bye August!!!! Is New Age Spirituality a Cult? Why are radical Christians so appalled by this new spirituality being spread everywhere? Stay here and probably you can share your thoughts too. September is a special month for me. In 2013, September 3rd, I became a mother to the most handsome, genius, and intuitive child. Therefore, this year, he turned 7 years, a number that is so dear to me because it precedes great things about to happen.

August was an eye-opener for me. It had its tribulations where people who thought knew me did things that did not serve at all. I had to take a step back and reflect on why I felt the way I did. However, one individual stood out, one human who was triggered by my continuous posts about manifestation and the universe on my official Facebook page. What stood out for me is “Why would you break God’s heart like this. ” On further inquiry to understand what she meant, I was surprised that God and the Universe should not be on the same sentence. So this begs the question, is New Age Spirituality a Cult?

I have been founded on a Christian background. Never in a day have I ever imagined denouncing God as my provider and protector. Growing up, I have always had a special relationship with God. Regardless of being raised in a Pastor household, I was never molded to become a yes woman to everything written in the Holy Book. When I was in class 3, my favorite Novel was the Bible. Without exaggeration, I have read and dissected the Bible 3 times from Genesis to Revelation. I grew up having a personal relationship with God.

Bible Verses On Manifestation and Law of Attraction

Be Still for the Lord your God is fighting Your Battles.
Be Still for the Lord your God is fighting Your Battles.

Therefore, when people think that New Age spirituality is unorthodox and out of line, I am always flabbergasted because the Bible is founded on Law of Attraction and Manifestation. Proverbs 23:7 states, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Is this not what New Age Spirituality is all about? Align your thoughts to your highest vibration self and so shall you become.

Matthew 21:22 states “And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive. ” Is this not the same as Ask and it is Given???

We progress to Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” I could go on and on about Bible verses that are tailored towards manifestation and law of attraction. However, what is the argument being peddled by the radical Christians against New Age Spirituality??? Most argue that for those who believe in manifestation and LOA, we keep stating the universe to avoid mentioning God. If that is not the most bizarre and ridiculous thing I have ever heard, it is on the top tier with sexuality is a choice.

What is New Age Spirituality?

New Age Spirituality is Centered on Mindfulness, Intentions, and Calmness.
New Age Spirituality is Centered on Mindfulness, Intentions, and Calmness.

Personally, when I mention the Universe, I know there is a source that navigates the universe. I am the Source, and the Source is God. Let me repeat that, I AM THE SOURCE AND THE SOURCE IS GOD. God created me in His Image. John 10:30 states “I and my Father are one.” and Jesus always reminded us that we are alike.

When Christians bash New Age spirituality, I see their trauma-based religion. I see their subscription to religion rather than spirituality. I observe their entitlement in being judgmental and holier-than-thou personalities just like those for Pharisees. Most people are always threatened by something that is beyond their comprehension. Most New Age Spirituality subscribers do not have to wait for pastors and priests to intervene for them to God. They understand they have a direct line to God since He resides within them. This can be threatening when churches have become business grounds. When your business is threatened, you will peddle lies about your rival because you know they are superior.

Being a New Age Spirituality subscriber does not interfere with my relationship with God. Actually, it continues to draw me closer to Him than when I thought He was this dictatorial and jealous Supreme Being who could be easily be heartbroken by me stealing sugar. I have come to know that God wants a personal relationship with Me. He is always working behind the scene and also publicly for me. Everything is always working for me.

Am I a Christian? Yes. Do I respect Allah, Shiva, Buddha and other gods, oh yes!!!!!!! Why is so? Because we are all travelling through different paths ,but heading to the same destination. Our paths are what matter and everyone’s soul has written their destiny. So who am I to judge just because someone worships differently than I? So is the New Age Spirituality a cult? No. It is a space inundated with enlightenment and we know, it is not our job to enlighten the unwilling. We have to be enlightened first for us to share a collective consciousness.

Happy September. What are your Thoughts? Do you believe in Manifestation and God?

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  1. I recently discovered spirituality. I love it. I am raised in a Christian family. I love God. I believe in him. I also love the universe and believe in it.

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