Manifesting through Scripting

Manifesting through Scripting

Frequently I have talked about manifestation, positive thinking, and affirmations. As a result, on Facebook, people have messaged me about manifesting. They have questioned how they can do it. I have promised to talk about it and I guess the time is now to talk about manifesting through scripting.

Therefore, everything you see around you is a manifestation of your mind, words, and actions. Everyone believes in a higher power. Personally, I believe in the Universe, God, Spiritual Guides, Guardian Angels, and positive Ancestors. I believe in myself.

You might wonder whether you manifest the problems around you or the relationship that you are in. Actually, you do manifest your life. Unconsciously, you write your life story. In 2016, I sat down and wrote a heartfelt post on searching for a job that could earn me Ksh 40,000 per month and I would be able to live with my son without struggling. At the moment, Ksh 40,000 sounded like Ksh 40,000,000. That was in November. In June of 2017, I was living with my son and everything has been aligned according to how I wrote.

Looking back, I can see the power of manifesting through scripting. Manifesting through writing. Recently, I have been on a path that has showed me the power of writing things down in a journal. Writing letters to my future self and my past self. Writing and reading out loud to acknowledge that everything I have written aligns with my conscious and subconscious mind.

Manifesting through scripting dictates writing down every desire you have in your life. How do you do it? You write a thankful letter to the higher power you believe in.

Can you manifest anything you want? Certainly. Your desires to the universe are like a dot on a big manila paper. You can never ask for something that has never been granted. You are the creator and through your words and thoughts, you create your life.


How should I write? Let me give you an example:

Dear Universe, God, Spiritual Guides, Guardian Angels, and Positive Ancestors,

Thank you for this day. Thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for my job in an amazing and fulfilling organization. Thank you for a job that pays me seven figures. Thank you for a job that provides house allowance, medical cover, car allowances, travelling allowances, and school allowances for my child. Thank you for my supportive and caring partner. A partner who is emotionally intelligent, a great listener, and my cheerleader. Thank you for my perfect and fit body. Thank you for my glowing skin. Thank you for making me the best and aligning me to opportunities that help me change people’s lives- emotionally, mentally, and financially. Thank you for making my social media space be a healing environment and making the information go viral to audiences that crave for change and nudge to have a different life.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Universe, God, Spiritual Guides, Guardian Angels, and Positive Ancestors.

When scripting, have an opening salutation and a closing one to signify your acceptance of the higher power working and granting your desires. Read the letter out loud when you sleep and when you wake up. Read like two days then detach from it. Detaching means you stop obsessing about your desires and you allow the universe align you to the path that leads towards achieving your desires.

You would be surprised at how much the higher power works for you. You can start with the smallest or the biggest desire that you can image. As God says, Seek and You shall Find, Knock and the door shall be opened. Therefore, what is stopping you from believing in yourself and scripting your desired life?

Never Limit Yourself and Moreover, the Universe and God (Higher Power).

That’s it today. All the best.

Kindly Leave a Comment Below about your thoughts, insights, and progress.

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38 thoughts on “Manifesting through Scripting”

  1. Sounds like a plan! Will try manifesting and see how my year ends. Thanks for sharing this 😊

  2. I have been obsessing over knowledge in regards to manifesting and law of attraction for about a month or two now and this post just made me so happy. Please talk more on it. Am here for it. Thank you. ❤

  3. I love this I have been working on myself this year and for sure manifestation does work…currently still on my self discovery journey using IG pages like the holistic self healing is helping…keep on posting

  4. Thank you so much Bobo , the last weeks i have been asking myself so many questions , finally i have found the naswers

  5. yes yes to manifesting by scripting.I have been doing this and yes,it works.And also having a vision board.It’s amazing.

  6. Manifesting is great, it’s a journey of self discovery and exercising our power, you could check Neville Goddard teaching.

  7. Finally found someone who is both a Christian and spiritual. The universe is generous, ask for it wholeheartedly and you will receive it.❣️

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