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Self-Care- Karura Forest Edition

Self-care- Karura Forest Edition entails visiting one of the most celebrated forests in Nairobi City. As a mother of three, this week was particularly exhausting for me and I felt I needed some time for myself. I needed to remember myself beyond being a partner to an amazing woman, a mother to amazing three children, a writer to my Facebook fans whom I have dedicated my time to, and as a daughter and a sister who has failed numerously in being coerced into being selfless when I am suffering.

What You Need To Know:

On Self-Care:

  1. You need to get out more often– Getting out more often without your children might be termed as selfish, but you need to be more selfish with your space. Women tend to forget themselves especially when in relationships and more so, in parenting. You need to go to spaces where you can listen and honor yourself as a human being.
  2. Forget your kids- Once in a while, forget about your kids and just get in touch with the kid within you. As you parent and nurture those around you, your inner child is longing to be seen, heard, and cared for; thus, do not neglect her. Some days, tend to her and go out in the wild and nurture her.
  3. Show up for yourself– Showing up for yourself include respecting and honoring yourself such that you can take yourself for activities without needing company. You can celebrate yourself and enjoy your own thoughts regardless of the demands surrounding your being.
  4. Go for Solo Dates – Always go for solo dates and I cannot emphasize this enough. Plan a day in a week where you go for a solo date- it can be dinner, lunch, or breakfast, but make sure you go for solo dates where you enjoy your own company without kids screaming and demanding your attention nor your partner. This is self-care.
  5. Walk barefoot in nature– Remember when we said about letting your inner child come out and play? No? Okay, I shall repeat. Walking barefoot in nature grounds you as a woman and this extends to your root chakra, solar plexus, and emotions. Walking barefoot makes you vulnerable to nature and assists you in letting go of the burdens you have shouldered as a mother, a partner, a friend, a boss, and also a daughter.
  6. Let go– Always find fun in the wilderness and let go. Run if you want, shout if that’s what your throat-chakra demands, breath in and out while you thank the universe for the beauty surrounding you. Just find a way of letting go of everything that has shrunk the child in you. Trust me, you will thank me.

On Karura Forest


  • I prefer the Limuru Road- Gate A since it is zen. I was charged Ksh 100 ($1). For foreigners, the fees will be a little higher.

Visiting Times:

  1. During the weekdays– As I started saying, I am a mother meaning I had to seek a day where kids are away in school. Furthermore, during weekdays, the forest is less crowded, and I mean, I probably met with twenty people utmost during the entire exploration.
  2. Wear light- Throw some sweatpants or shorts and a light t-shirt. You will be walking for less than 10kms if you are just unwinding.
  3. Carry Light – probably some candy to snack on when you need sugar and water to quench your thirst. You will need water for thirst.
  4. Playlist – Have a bomb-a** playlist that will walk with you around the forest and enjoy each moment. You can even dance like no one is looking at you because literally, no one is looking at you during weekdays.
  5. Intentions and Affirmations– Say your affirmations and intentions while waking in nature. Tell the universe what you seek to accomplish during the entire process as well as what you purpose on amplifying in your life.
  6. Hug a Tree– Literally, hug a tree and just offload all the burdens you have been carrying. Hugging a tree while barefoot is therapeutic.
  7. Dip your legs in the water– I do not know if this is allowed so do not quote me, but when no one is looking, just dip your legs or toes in the flowing water while releasing all your burdens. You will feel lighter afterward.

Solo Date


To thank your body for being with you in the entire unpacking journey, you need to visit the River Cafe inside Karura Forest. This is why I love Limuru Road Gate A.

  • Have a small book to nourish your mind.
  • Eat what you can freely afford without worrying about what the children have eaten that day. It is your day.
  • Enjoy the monkeys and the free air that is just grateful to you.
  • Reflect on your day.
  • After that, you can now go home, knowing you respected and honored yourself through your self-care.


There is an area for a picnic where you can go sit with your book and just have your packed snacks as you enjoy the breeze and great vibes. You just have to show up for yourself.

Dip your toes in the Water

Now go forth and treat yourself. Enjoy your self-care in style.

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