There is no shame in Abuse

Children Survivors of Domestic Abuse

We sat almost in a circle, six women from different backgrounds, regions, and families. We felt like we belonged. Together, in each other, we found a purpose. We had a vision. We had a shared trauma. Every one of us had experienced parental trauma. Each one of us interpreted it differently. In that circle, we would talk about our stories and determine what we would abandon and the things we ...

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She fits inside these words

WCW- Celine Njoki

Celine Njoki, a woman who made me resonate with the words written by R.H.Sin in his book, “She fits inside these words.” The first time Celine wrote to me her story privately on Bobodiaries, I was shaken. It was one of those stories that you read and by the time you are on the third paragraph, you are hoping it will be different. You look forward to the next paragraph ...

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Is New Age Spirituality a Cult?

Hello September!!! Bye Bye August!!!! Is New Age Spirituality a Cult? Why are radical Christians so appalled by this new spirituality being spread everywhere? Stay here and probably you can share your thoughts too. September is a special month for me. In 2013, September 3rd, I became a mother to the most handsome, genius, and intuitive child. Therefore, this year, he turned 7 years, a number that is so dear ...


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Angry Mom

Why were our Parents especially mothers so abusive?

Why were our parents especially our mothers so abusive when we were growing up? I just touched a nerve by that statement. Probably you are thinking, how dare she call mothers abusive? Who does she think she is? Indulge me because I am a mother and I was raised by a Queen who really punished us when we strayed. As a mother to an almost seven-year old boy, ...


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This is not the relationship for you.

This is not THE Relationship for You.

This is not the relationship for you. When people look at Ciara especially women, they ask "God When!" They comment, "What prayer did you commit to God?" However, Russell questioned "Why do people never ask me the prayers I placed?" Most of us assume love is putting up with shitty treatment, roller coaster of emotions, the dumping of energies, and neglect of one-self. Most of us have been guilt-tripped that ...


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