29. Happy Birth Day. Things I have learned.

29. Happy Birthday to me. Today, 11/7/2021, I am in day one of 29 years on this grand universe. The greatest teaching that got triggered on 10/7/2021 is that if there is a person sleeping on me, is ME. Before 28, I never knew the potential that was dormant within my universal being. I thought of myself as unworthy, undeserving, and always thought knowing my worth was greed. Constantly, ...


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Welcome to my Diary.

I said my goodbyes on Facebook last week. Why? You might be curious. I was accepted for a programming course in Moringa. The program will be running for six months meaning I am not resuming Facebook until December after graduation. How has the program been? Honestly, it has shaken me from my comfort zone and pushed me towards being focused and determined. Was it mandatory that I leave Facebook? ...


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