This is not the relationship for you.

This is not THE Relationship for You.

This is not the relationship for you. When people look at Ciara especially women, they ask “God When!” They comment, “What prayer did you commit to God?” However, Russell questioned “Why do people never ask me the prayers I placed?

Most of us assume love is putting up with shitty treatment, roller coaster of emotions, the dumping of energies, and neglect of one-self. Most of us have been guilt-tripped that love is where you endure poor treatment in the quest of proving your undying love for a person. However, we forget, we show people how to treat us. We do ourselves a disservice when we put up with maltreatment in the name of love. We sell ourselves short when we pin our worth on what is offered instead of what we deserve.

Let that Relationship Go
Let that toxic shit go.

Your worth in love does not equate to how much bullshit you can take from a person. When you have to constantly lower your frequencies to get the breadcrumbs of love from a person, that is not the relationship for you. When you have to wait for the bouts of good times because of the moments inundated with pain and fights, that is not the relationship for you. Familiarity does not equate to love.

You can never love a person enough to heal them. You can never love someone enough to change them. You can never love someone enough to make them treat you right. A person can only heal, change, or treat you right when they decide. Just like happiness is a choice, healing is a constant choice. You have to insanely love yourself to reflect that on your loved one.

What people do is a reflect of whom they are from within. You can never change people’s within because they are the people with that power. Regardless of how much you love a person, you can never change how they feel about themselves without them deciding to change.

I am a strong believer in giving people chances, but I am also a strong believer in cutting attachments in people who no longer serve your purposes. My love is conditional, period. The worse kind of abuse is the emotional abuse where you keep betraying yourself because of the love you have for this person yet they keep taking advantage of that. You do not need to keep proving your worth for someone to love you. You do not have to keep staying in a relationship so that people can assume you are in a relationship.

The person you are in a relationship with is a reflection of who you are. Look at that person and ask whether they are deserving of you. Is that the picture you aspire to become? Are they too good for you? Are you deserving of them? You cannot keep asking people for more than you are. Once in a while you have to look inside the mirror and embrace your reflection or work towards improving it. Therefore, is this the relationship for you?

Starting over can be scary, but it is worth every peace of mind you will attain. You can spend an eternity manifesting for great things, but when the person whom you exchange energies with does not align with your awareness, your manifestations will keep dragging. You have to be conscious of the people you associate with and more so in relationships. Therefore, believe me when I say, a relationship that demands you to betray your consciousness and energy, that is not the relationship for you.

Soon we shall indulge on how your current relationship can halt your manifestations and progress, but for now, ask yourself, does the person you are in the relationship with reflect who you are as a person?

What if you decided you are the most love and respect worthy person. Then when other people don’t treat you that way, you don’t make that about you. You see they are projecting onto you the way they feel about themselves.

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5 thoughts on “This is not THE Relationship for You.”

  1. Wow this message is for me. Av tolerated too much and was already broken inside. The moment he told we need to break it off, I felt so relieved this is where av been all through for 3 years. A toxic relationship always drags you down sometimes unknowingly. Now it’s time to focus on making myself enough for me and just do me for sometime. Thank you so much for the piece, love and light ♥️♥️

    1. That is the thing about toxic relationships, they break you, drag you, and inconvenience you.
      However, when you break up, you feel relieved and cannot wait to get back on focusing on yourself.
      Starting from scratch feels like a break for you.

  2. How do you find the positive energy in you? I have been wondering, could it be that I am the negative energy that people want to get away from?
    Could it be I believe in self-love very much that I have no room to love people the right way?
    People say, if you keep having issues with people everywhere you go, the problem is probably you.
    I do know that life has more to offer, I constantly seek for more. But could that mean that I make people around me feel less appreciated? I am in a position where I do not anything any more. I am tired of always running and ending up where I started.
    Let me read your piece about manifestation and see whether I can manifest on being the positive energy.

  3. This is so timely as I have struggled with letting go. My manifestations have been backfiring so bad simply because my energy was being drained elsewhere. After this, I am sure I made the right decision for myself. I deserve the absolute best.

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