She fits inside these words

WCW- Celine Njoki

Celine Njoki, a woman who made me resonate with the words written by R.H.Sin in his book, “She fits inside these words.” The first time Celine wrote to me her story privately on Bobodiaries, I was shaken. It was one of those stories that you read and by the time you are on the third paragraph, you are hoping it will be different. You look forward to the next paragraph with the hope of having a happy ending, but it is never so. 

Celine Njoki

A Flower with the Strength to Bloom in the Dead of Winter

Celine reminds me of a flower with the strength to bloom in the dead of the winter. Personally, I met her during one of the Usikimye food drives where we had both volunteered. When she came to introduce herself to my partner and me, I saw a bubbly woman with so much radiance and a smile that would instantly light the graveyard. Her name did not trigger any story in my mind. As we continued with the volunteer work, she kept having easy conversations with everyone, including me. The more her name was mentioned, the more my brain started rewiring itself to remember her, and I had a light bulb moment about her story. 

She Tells Stories with Every Move She Makes. 

With every move Celine makes, she tells her stories of rising like a phoenix. Celine reminds me of how God is the potter who restores every broken clay piece into a masterpiece. Beyond her story, Celine holds her hand outwards to anyone who might need help. The greatest gift is how her countenance lights up whenever she converses and it reminds the world of the importance of sharing a smile. In her confabs, Celine’s words hold some substance of encouragement and restore hope even when you least expect it. 

Celine Njoki in a interview with Grace Msalame

A Walking Representation of Survival in Motion

Celine is a heroine in the flesh. She is a true representation of Wonder Woman because her story makes you wonder then it turns around and saves you. In the Bible, she would be likened to Ruth because of how in the end, she still manages to thrive in a world that was meant to break her. In her world, she manages to get her Boaz who teaches us the importance of having a rich heart as well as unconditional love.

When she talks about her love story with her Significant Other, Celine’s words are of love and hope as well as encouragement. When Rihanna sang, “We found love in a hopeless place,” trust me, it was not only about Arsenal fans but also about Celine’s love story. I shall share a bit before you read the entire story on this link. Celine met her husband as she planned to take her life and get away from this world that never deserved her. However, her husband, at that moment assured her through Facebook messages at 3 AM that she was deserving of everything magnificent in the world. 

love in the purest form
Aren’t they cute? Njoki and her Husband

She Captivates the Soul

Celine captivates the soul of whoever dares to stare within her eyes. During the second food drive at Usikimye, I got to share a ride with Celine and this provided us with ample time to get deeper into who she is as a person. She recalled how growing up, she would be cautioned against smiling because of her big teeth. As she grew up, Celine had a hard time looking at herself in the mirror because she was always told of her ugliness and the world proved that to be right.

However, with continuous therapy and counseling, Celine had to accept herself as another world started proving she is beautiful and deserving. Her first beautiful feature besides her hair that I saw was her smile and kindness. She has a smile that would melt ice-cream in a freezer. She is among the beautiful people that I constantly meet in my world. Celine’s best superpower is captivating the soul because she is a manifestation of the truth being told in the room of liars. 

She has the most radiant smile, doesn’t she?

A Child of the Moon

Celine fits the best in the night sky and she represents the best of the moon child. Regardless of her previous struggles including being jailed as well as gang raped, Celine manages to be joyful, happy, and peaceful in this version of her world. She walks with confidence and always kind regardless of moments that the past revisits her. In the end, I hope Celine will be remembered as a woman who conquered the world. Rather than being consumed by the darkness, she shone her light and triumphed.

PS: The WCW series intends to humanize women beyond what the world perceives of them. It focuses on giving stories with the softness of women and their humanity. If you would like your story to be written, kindly send me an email at

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