Woman Crush Wednesday- Njeri wa Migwi

Every Wednesday, we shall have a series of women I celebrate for their brains, hard work, and contribution to the society. We start with Njeri wa Migwi-Mwangi.

Njeri wa Migwi-Mwangi, to many souls out here she is celebrated as a woman who has put everything on hold since the beginning of 2020 to fight for people undergoing SGBV. Being one of the co-founders at Usikimye, she has offered refuge to more than 100 families because of SGBV. She has been a reckoning force in being a refuge and a safe space to souls that have reached the end of their life line.

Njeri’s Babies

However, today, we are not going to focus on Njeri as Usikimye co-founder. Today I celebrate Njeri wa Migwi-Mwangi as my Woman Crush Wednesday because of whom I have seen personally. When she is not saving souls out there, she is an awesome mom to nine children. Yes, you heard me right. Five human children and four fur babies. She loves cats with all her soul. I am suspecting in her next life, she might come back as a cat. Her love for her cats has made her cut off some friends who could not respect her fur babies.

Some of her fur babies (Pico and Boots)

Njeri’s Personality

Njeri wa Migwi-Mwangi is the most amazing yet gentle person I have ever met. Whenever she sees her friends, she will gently stretch her arms and hug you. Her hugs are out of this world like being hugged by clouds. She is a sensitive soul. On the outside, people forget that she is human because of the job she does. Day in, day out she gives part of herself to different people through saving them. However, on the inside, she needs someone who will see her gentleness and tell her that she does not need to save the entire world.

Njeri wa Migwi-Mwangi as a mother, she is a friend to her children. I have had the opportunity to spend time with them beyond the public eyes. Most times, she would remind me of my own mother because of how she jokes, plays, and cuddles her children. However, make no mistake, she is stern and provides her kids with strict life lessons and also teachings. She does not believe in caning her children since she was raised by a gentle father. When her child makes a mistake, they will sit down and talk. Believe me, her kids somehow might prefer being beaten just to escape the lecture because it digs deep to the soul. Later, they will sit down and write an apology letter admitting their mistake and how they are going to improve.

An apology letter during Valentine’s that I thought was so cute

Being my Woman Crush Wednesday is because I have seen how she fights for her friends and those that she loves. She is a mother to many of us. Countlessly, she has counseled me, listened to me, held my hand, and encouraged me. If you have in your corner, you know you have a force. She is fun, relaxed, and just beautiful.

Njeri’s Spirituality

She is spiritual, enlightened, and just. On a normal basis, Njeri will indulge in spiritual rituals as baths, therapy, manifestations, affirmations, and cleansing. Njeri believes in more than what normal eyes can see. She has taught me more about baths with Rosemary, Oranges, Himalayan Salts, and Candles with the intentions of being a better person. Njeri fights for justice without fail especially for those who are on their knees. She has a big heart and her kindness is her strength. Her enlightenment stems from experiencing all kinds of life and now she settled for positive energy. Whenever you are around her, be sure that you shall laugh.

Njeri as an Avatar 🙂😉

This is the Njeri that most forget to remember as she is associated with saving SGBV.


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  1. I don’t know this woman in person but I have seen what she does on social media and I love her. Good work Njeri may your cup always overflow

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